Penetrating moist heat for faster longer relief.

Thermotech is the premiere professional grade moist heating pad.

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Digital Controller

-Hand held digital controller allows hands free operation
-On / Off functions & 4 temperature settings
-Automatic time control with auto shut off (15-60 min.)
-One year warranty

Analog Controller

- Hand held analogue switch controls On / Off functions
- Safety switch allows high heat without the risk of injury
- Allows for 25% greater moisture than the Digital Controller
- One year warranty

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The Thermotech heating pad produces moist heat automatically, by attracing moisture from humidity in the air. This moisture is then retained by the pads outer flannel cover. The flannel cover is washable, and included at no extra charge. Moist heat increases circulation, and speeds recovery, by bringing in fresh blood cells. The application of moist heat has been proven useful in relieving many types of pain, including arthritic and rheumatic pain.

Conventional moist heating pad (standard)

An economical choice for creating moist or dry heat. Just add water to the sponge layer to create moist heating.

Infrared automatic moist heat pad (medical grade)

Provides moist heat treatments by a process of fomentation without adding water for the relief of all types of pain conditions. During the healing process, moist heat therapy has proven most effective to ease pain, reduce stiffness and increase circulation. Includes flannel cover and three year warranty.


  • The King Pad (14" x 26") is reccomended for large areas such as the back and spine
  • The Medium Pad (14" x 18") is suitable for areas such as the arm, shoulder, elbow, and back
  • The Mini (7" x 19") is ideal for cervical, throat, and jaw area (as in T.M.J.) as well as the ankle and wrist area
  • It is reccomended to use a moist heat pad in conjunction with electrotherapy


- Thermotech Digital includes a 1 year limited warranty against all defects.